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Dub Ross Company, Inc. has manufactured products for the industry for over 30 years. Our core products are riveted, helical lock-seam and spiral rib pipes in a large variety of sizes.

We offer a wide variety of coatings to meet most any environment and service life requirement. In most environments, zinc has a service life in excess of 50 years. Engineers and contractors nationwide confidently specify zinc-coated steel pipe for culverts, small bridges, conduits and storm sewers. No other drainage structure provides the range of structural strength that steel pipe does. It performs where concrete and plastic pipes fail.

Corrugated steel pipe manufactured from Aluminized Steel Type 2 can provide a 75 year design life, within recommended environmental ranges and an economical alternative to reinforced concrete pipe. In field tests conducted since 1953, Aluminized Steel Pipe Type 2 has shown that a minimum service life of 75 years can be expected on 16ga in the 5-9 pH and 1500 ohm-cm resistivity ranges. Where long service lives are desired in mildly hostile environments, Aluminized Steel Type 2 is the product of choice.

Polymer-Coated Corrugated Steel pipe is recommended for use where acids, salts and alkalis are present. Even under these harsh conditions, the polymer coating, developed by DOW Chemical, protects against corrosion to provide at least 100 years of service. This tough film is bonded to both the inside and the outside of zinc CSP, serving as a long-lasting barrier against harsh destructive elements so detrimental to concrete pipe.

For most applications full-round pipe is recommended. There are some limited headroom applications where a pipe arch shape is preferred. The low, wide design distributes the flow area horizontally, providing hydraulic capacity without raising the finish grade.

Related Construction Products...


We carry a complete inventory of end sections, beveled culvert end treatments, elbows and risers. Engineered, shop-fabricated fittings speed installation and insure the integrity of the final structure. For the convenience of our road building and maintenance customers, we carry a large inventory of cutting edges for graders.

Since 1985 Dub Ross Company has been a leading distributor of Hancor HDPE pipe and fittings. These plastic pipes are available in a variety of wall profiles and are inventoried in diameters from 4” to 60”. A full inventory of risers, tees and caps are maintained at our Oklahoma City yard.

Whether you are a farmer building terrace drains, a home builder in need of a driveway culvert, or a developer constructing a storm sewer, Dub Ross Company stocks the products you need to complete your job.

Beyond the Practical...

Architects and builders around the world have found numerous creative, attractive and sturdy uses for corrugated metal pipe and materials.

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