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Corrugated Steel Pipe provides the service life that counties, city public works departments, DOTs and highway contractors need for long term drainage solutions.

PicIn every environment we offer coatings to meet the necessary service life requirements. When added to the inherent advantages of long lengths, positive coupling, light weight and a universal flexibility in fabrication design, it is easy to see why many specifiers choose Corrugated Steel as their choice of pipe.

Oil field...

It’s been said that you can’t be in business in Oklahoma without being in the oil business. That certainly has been true of Dub Ross Company, Inc. Since our inception, oilfield construction has been an important part of our business.

From pipe for well-site road construction to rat hole and mouse hole liners, we understand the timeline needs of the oil patch. We maintain the largest inventory of commonly used pipe sizes in Oklahoma.

Soil conservation...

The first upland erosion control structure was built near Cheyenne, Oklahoma in 1950. While we didn’t supply that first structure, there have been very few built in the last thirty plus years that our company has not supplied.

 Dub Ross Company’s quality assurance program guarantees a minimum deviation from the project plans and specifications. These engineered structures are closely monitored as they are fabricated in our plant and subsequently installed in the field. Whether it’s only a “trickle tube” you need or a Ducks Unlimited structure complete with beaver-proof splash board riser or internal gate valve... be confident that we will build it right the first time.

Commercial Construction...

Increasingly, the value of land and environmental concerns have made it necessary to retain storm water runoff and meter it into the existing public storm system. Corrugated Steel Pipe detention structures offer the greatest flexibility of design and fabrication. Large pipes or a series of smaller pipes are installed underground often beneath parking lots, allowing above ground use of the site. Water quality concerns can be addressed with a variety of integrated filtration structure. Contact Dub Ross Company, Inc. for a computer program to perform the design of CSP detention structures.


Specialty structures, such as underground bank remote teller access tunnels and storm cellars are available. Further, septic and grease tank access towers, utility meters cans and pipeline valve pits and covers are available on short notice at our Oklahoma City plant.

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