Dub Ross Company


Since 1971, Dub Ross Company, Inc. has manufactured and marketed construction products. Beginning as a riveting operation, we now have production lines for riveted, helical lock-seam, and spiral rib pipe in diameters from 6” through 144”.

While we have been helping the industry find drainage solutions since 1971, corrugated steel pipe is much older. The corrugated pipe industry came into being in 1896 with a patent granted to City Engineer Stanley Simpson and his sheet metal fabricator friend James H. Watson. Those early pipes were of a bolt-together annular construction. Little did they know that their ingenuity in the development of corrugated steel pipe would revolutionize the industry.


Trends in the construction of highway systems have resulted in an increasing number of corrugated steel pipe storm sewers. Along with this growth came advances in the manufacturing technology of corrugated steel pipe.

Rivited pipe was developed in the 1920’s. The 1960’s brought the developent of helical pipe. Then in the 1980’s, spiral rib pipe was developed to eliminate the co-efficient of roughness caused by the corrugation.

Highway and oilfield contractors continue to look to Dub Ross Company for quality and service they can depend on.

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